Kent Majak

Business Consultant in Telecom and Electronics Sweden.

Resedavägen 1 SE-176 74 Järfälla Sweden Tel +46703099155

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Yes..who is Kent Majak?

Born in the south of Sweden in 1949 .

Married since 1971 with four children.


In Stockholm he got most of his higher education and also started to work within the field of electronics in the 70:ties.

At this time electronics was the future and in the very forefront and the industry was expanding very fast. He programmed Prom's from Harris Semiconductor. Worked as internal sales support for a couple of companies and learned to know semiconductors, passive components, and electro mechanics.

During the 80: ties he was Product Manager for a line of Passive components at one of the largest distributors AB Gösta Bäckström. Here he got his first broader knowledge and interests in international business. Companies he learned to know in those years where:

Nippon Chemicon Japan , Germany . Electrolytic capacitors.

ROHM Japan , Germany . LED.

Kyocera Japan and Germany Ceramic capacitors.

Densitron Japan , Taiwan . LCD Displays

Welwyn resistors UK

Colvern UK

And several other companies. . He worked hard for 8 years but was head hunted by a smaller company called LAC Electronics in 1990. Here he got his firs experience in big telecom systems when he started to market a line of synchronisation equipment and high stabile crystal oscillators from one of the big players in Europe.

Oscilloquartz. Switzerland

He also worked with: Spectrum Control, USA and Germany and also a few other vendors from Far East.

In 2002 he took a step to start a Scandinavian branch office for an English distributor in the field of components and systems.

Due to market circumstances this branch office had to close down in 2004 and he started his own business.

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Kent Majak

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